Arctos Portable AC Reviews by 20+ Customers [2022]


The Arctos Portable AC Reviews show that most customers are happy with it, but some complaint about the efficiency of the product. Read more details below.

There are very few options for escaping the blistering heat. Therefore, we must figure out how to handle the heat, and what better than an air cooler to combat this situation? 

The Arctos Portable AC may be one of them if you’re looking for a portable cooler for your home. Let us know more about this cooler.

What is Arctos Portable AC?


The summer season is a phenomenal chance to partake in the magnificence of nature. Yet, the burning intensity will feel insufferable after getting back if your home doesn’t have an AC. So, you’ve come to the ideal place if you’re looking for a practical and prudent way to deal with the summer’s scorching heat. 

After going through several Arctos Portable AC Reviews, we would like to say that this cooler allows you to enjoy summers while simultaneously being in a chilled atmosphere. It took the diligent effort of air cooler specialists to create something as unique as Arctos Portable AC. The design of this cooler is pretty simple and minimal yet classy. 

The air cooler can bring down the heat in any house corner and give out chilled air within no time. The user can customize their fan’s settings as per their preference. This product is best for you if you’re tight on your budget. Not only is it pocket-friendly, but it is also readily mobile and compact. Additionally, it has an inbuilt fan that comes with 3-speed settings.


Another advantage is that product maintenance is a cakewalk and does not require much attention. Do you know that it’s not just eco-friendly but also consumes very low energy? So, you’ll save a lot on the monthly electricity bill. Along with chilling the room, this two-in-one appliance is also known for humidifying the surrounding. 

One can install and use this cooler anywhere one wants. All you need is an electrical port to take advantage of the cool wind anywhere, including offices, workout places, schools, universities, homes, etc. Moreover, it has an LED light attached to it, giving you the feel of a soft nightlight.

Arctos Portable AC- Directions to Use

  • Set up the cooler on an even stage.
  • Plugin the power adapter into the port.
  • Connect the other portion to the electrical outlet.
  • Detach the filter.
  • Soak it in water
  • Put back the filter.
  • Fill up the water tank.
  • Customize your fan settings.


  • Company: Arctos
  • Address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004
  • Website:
  • Mail address:
  • Cost: $89.99
  • Color: White
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Number: 866-304-4241

Let us get an idea of the pros and cons of Arctos cooler before going into Arctos Portable AC Reviews.


  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Low noise
  • Fast cooling
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Air purification feature
  • Eco-friendly
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Highly durable
  • 2 -month refund provision


  • Not available on any e-commerce site
  • Shipping/tax payment
  • Rapid stock out

Is Arctos Portable AC legit?

Before jumping on to the Arctos Portable AC Reviews segment, let us discuss the product’s legitimacy. Arctos Portable AC has been in the business for a long time. Moreover, Arctos is well-known for manufacturing magnificent air coolers. The consumer ratings also show that they are highly reliable. 


Additionally, there wasn’t anything suspicious on their website. It’s a well-put page, and you can find all information there. People can visit their website and learn all tit-bits of the item they want to book. Arctos air cooler is considered the best movable AC that anyone could hope to find for reducing the severe hot weather. 

It’s also certified by DMCA protection certificate. Nonetheless, you cannot find the brand on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Users have declared it the most flexible and multi-functional air cooler they have ever had.

What are the Arctos portable AC reviews?

We conducted extensive research/analysis to present you with some certifiable client reviews. Our study found that the users gave it 4.6 stars, which is impressive! Purchasers guarantee that these coolers offer immediate comfort, a chilly atmosphere, and sound sleep. Most users are satisfied and pleased with Arctos cooler’s flawless attributes.


The portable AC is exceptionally commended for its soundless and 3-speed setting features. Numerous consumers are bewildered by how rapidly Arctos Portable AC cools their rooms; instead of waiting for the cooler to cool your entire house, you might experience the cool wind in just half a minute. Moreover, individuals love how little, handy, and compact it is.

Furthermore, lots of users have likewise given positive comments regarding its super-easy installation procedure. It doesn’t require you to call any expert; you can easily set it up effectively without taking help from anyone. Overall, after reviewing all these Arctos Portable AC Reviews, we’re confident it’s a terrific product with guaranteed features.


By now, you must have understood how versatile this portable air cooler is. It is one of the best options for individuals who want an affordable, little mobile air cooler for their personal spaces. Additionally, as we saw buyer feedback, it’s an outstanding choice during the impending warm, moist summers. 

Finally, people love it for its diverse features that bring them comfort. We hope you liked this article- Arctos Portable AC Reviews.

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