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Tastiest Road Trip.com Code? Are you trying to find information on the Culver’s Road trip contest? Well, then you have reached the right place. (July 2021) >> Read through this article to find out more information. 


As the Covid-19 pandemic doomed upon people, demolishing the sales of several organizations, many have now incorporated various promotional policies. One such promotional policy employed by Culver in partnership with Pepsi is The Tastiest Road Trip Sweepstakes. This contest is only applicable in the United States. This article will take you through the registration process and brief you about the contest’s official rules and regulations. Furthermore, we will also reveal the eligibility for the contest and other important information regarding the contest. 

Tastiest Road Trip – A Brief Description

Culver’s fast food restaurant chain launches the Tastiest Road Trip contest in collaboration with PepsiCo to promote their store. The contest is only present in the United States, i.e., only the residents of the US can enter into this contest. The rules and regulations, along with the eligibility criteria are given on the official contest website. You can earn an RV worth a hundred thousand dollars on 2nd Aug and other exciting daily prizes. 


Now, let’s look more into the Tastiest Road Trip.com Code.

Details of the Contest

  • Start & Ends date: 05- 7- 2021 to 01- 08- 2021.
  • Ages: Eighteen years or Above 18.
  • Rewards: Daily Reward: $100 gas gift card, $50 Culver’s gift card, wireless speaker, more excellent, car decal sheet, or travel tumbler set. 
  • Grand Reward: Hundred Thousand dollars’ worth RV.
  • Eligibility: 
Only residents of AL, Arizona, Colorado, FL, Georgia, ID, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, KA, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, NE, North Dakota, OH, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, TX, Utah, WI, & Wyoming are eligible.
Participants should be 18 or above 18.
Employees and the direct family of the employees working with PepsiCo or any other affiliates will not be eligible for the contest.
No foul play should be detected from any of the participants.

How to enter the contest?


In this section, let’s examine how one can participate in the Tastiest Road Trip contest. There are three methods in which you can participate:

  • Direct Buying from the store: the interested candidates may visit the eligible Culver’s store and buy one regular-sized Pepsi drink or one ButterBurger value basket during the promoting period. There will be a code that is printed on the product that was purchased.
  • Mailing the office: the second method is that the entrants can mail their full name, age, address, Email ID on a postcard to ‘The Culver’s Tastiest Road Trip Instant Win Game Code Request, P.o. Box: 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. These postcards must be sent before 26th Jul. A Tastiest Road Trip.com Codewill then be sent to your mail ID.
  • Online Promo code: the third method is that the entrants may use the code MR7V93XYKX3V from 17th Jul to 1st Aug. 

What to do after receiving the Tastiest Road Trip.com Code?

Once you receive it, the code goes through the below-mentioned steps to get an opportunity to gain the daily or the grand reward:

  • Upon getting the code in any of the three methods mentioned above, the entrants will have to visit the official webpage of the contest.
  • You have to enter your email address, and you will now be redirected to a new page where you have to enter your name, house address, DOB, contact number and agree to the contest’s rules.
  • Now, the participant should type in the code provided to them earlier. After entering, you have to play the Instant Win Game.
  • If you win in the Instant Win Game, you will be regarded as an Instant winner, and you will be eligible for the final draw.



Overall, the Tastiest Road Trip.com Code contest is very thrilling, and it contains exciting prices. So, interested individuals can sign themselves up for winning the daily prizes and the $100,000 worth grand prize on 2nd Aug 2020. The process is also very simple and is not at all time-consuming.

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