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Have you heard about vocal remover com? Do you want to transfer music to your library? Do you love to enjoy your favorite music? Do you want to remove vocals from the songs? If yes, you are in the right direction where you can interpret all the details.

Sometimes artists worldwide, including the United States, Australia, and Canada, do not have the expensive instruments to track their music. In that case, vocal remover helps you out. You won’t have to suffer too much from purchasing the instruments.

Let’s check out vocal remover com in detail, like how it works, features, pros, and cons.

About vocal remover 🎙


It is a famous website in the United States that helps you remove the songs’ vocals. It came into existence in the year 2016. It helps you to convert your mp3 music into karaoke music. 

It uses various techniques like artificial intelligence that help you to vocal your songs in a better way. It can save time and energy.

It is one solution for the music lover. To start the process of music, you have to drag your file.

Let’s check out how it works? 💡


It is a very simple and easy process. When your song is uploaded, then artificial intelligence will help you in two ways. First, when the processing is completed, you can receive two outputs, i.e., the karaoke version of the song and the song vocals.

The company uses the algorithm technique, which helps you divide the vocals from your song, and it will take only 1 minute to complete it. 

You can have the option to drop and select the mp3 file on the website itself. You can upgrade it to the pro version as well, where you have to pay the fees. 

The pro version is available in three types:


Small: For this its costs you $7.99 for 3 songs.

Medium: For this, it costs you $19.99 for 10 songs.

For premium: The cost is $59.99 for 50 songs.


In all three versions, you will get instant support, fast conversion, and lossless sound quality.

Features of this app 🌟

  • It helps in removing the vocals.
  • Gives you original music.
  • You get clean instrumentals.
  • You can have the option to save the mp3 file on the website.
  • It helps the musicians all the time.
  • It works offline as well.
  • You can get the karaoke maker offline.
  • It helps you in many ways like you can change your pitch, voice, change audio, reverse audio, and record karaoke and many more things to do.
  • You can share it with your family members, friends as well.
  • You can change your background and font size.


  • It is a very fast and reliable app.
  • It is free of cost.   
  • It works better as compared to other tools.
  • It has a good Alexa rating i.e., 22348

Cons ✘

  • It has limited options.

Users reviews towards Vocal remover com

It is necessary to check the user’s reviews before going through any app or website. We have done great research for you on the internet, and we have found mixed reviews about the app. Some users say that the speaker’s quality was excellent, worth it for kids, whereas others said that microphone volume is inadequate.


In the end, we can recapitulate that this app is beneficial for mp3 music. If you are a karaoke music lover, then this app is undoubtedly for you. This app is beneficial for those who want to practice music because you don’t need to pay more. It is free of cost.

Have you tried vocal remover com? What was your experience? Please share with us in the comment section. We appreciate it.

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