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The discussion that is all around the corner about whether texting Factory legit or not has made you curious. Let us understand what it is all about in this article, where we discuss facts and go deep into the information about such platforms to know if they are safe for you or not. We review gaming sites, shopping sites, educational sites, and much information that makes our readers skeptical. 

All our research is based on the experience that we derive from the official website, going through reviews on different legitimate platforms and public opinion forums, social media sites, etc. This site provides its users a chance to make from it by providing time to build up a conversation on any matter, be it sports, relationships, or politics.

What is Texting Factory? 


This site claims that if you are lonely and have no one to talk to about anything. You can meet your friends on the platform where you can have an interactive session with them. It has been made available to everyone over the Internet, and because of this, accessing it has been made pretty straightforward.

As soon as the user gets on the platform, they can engage in a chat and win on a weekly basis. The application format is smooth and only requires a few minutes to be completed. You do not have to worry about the vacancies as they are always in need of chat operators.


  • Objective: To engage in a chat against weekly makeings
  • Date of website launch: 2009
  • Contact details: not found
  • Get: $300 weekly
  • Address: Apia Samoa, Salanene Complex, Vaea Street, Ground Floor, 

How to make it on a weekly basis? 


We know many of you want to know how to make from this platform along with understanding if Texting Factory legit or not:

  • Firstly, if you want to work with them, you have to find the authentic site that you are talking about. The site homepage appears in a combination of blue and black, which looks like one professional site. 
  • As long as the user reaches for it, the site logo appears in the left corner of the page, and the options are available in the right corner. The options are Advantages, requirements, testimonials, contact, and Apply Now. 
  • Suppose you do not need to know further and start your journey. The first step is to click on “Apply now.”
  • After clicking on it, the next step is to Provide your Email address and create a password. Signing up on the site will ask you to write a small note that motivates you for the work.
  • The user will receive a call within 48 hours. This session includes two to three hours of training.

What are the pros? 

Here are the advantages of this website:

  • When the users enter the platform, they can look at the well-designed professional website that speaks about the site. If the users have more doubts, they can go through the information that is given on the Homepage, which includes tits and bits of the site. 
  • The site has been kept straightforward so anyone above the age of 18 with a desktop or laptop can access and make by sitting at home. 
  • There are user testimonials available on the site from where we can get to understand a lot about whether Texting Factory legit or not. 
  • They have vacancies all the time, so the users don’t have to worry about getting selected or not.  

What are the cons? 


Here are the disadvantages of this platform: 

  • The site asks the users to provide personal details, like Personal identity proof, email address, and phone number. 
  • The sessions are time-consuming and take two to three hours to talk about how to reply and how to get your grammar correct. Someone who is well versed in it might find it unnecessary.
  • Users need to provide a few lines that made them join the platform. Meanwhile, 100% of the users are on it to make from it. So, the step is irrelevant.
  • After going through the reviews available online, we lmakeed that the chances of makeing are slim.

Users review

As per some reliable sources like TrustPilot, we have gathered these reviews for you. Kindly go through this to understand if Texting Factory legit or if it is a scam: 

Positive reviews:

  • One user wrote that the site is a game changer for him. As it is remote and the time of working is flexible, it was handy to make from it. The site also paid him on time and provided fair compensation for the work that he had done. 
  • Another user stated that with all the negative reviews that are around the corner, there is no such experience that he has gone through after working for several months with them. Texting Factory is transparent to their employees, and it gives good income if you follow all their protocols. 
  • Another user named Suraj Kumar stated that the best way to make from it is to be creative with your replies as he wants to work remotely. This is one of the best platforms available to explore. 

Negative reviews: 

  • One user stated that there are only false review notes on the website testimonials option. This user advised others to think twice before believing Texting Factory will give them any return for any of their efforts. 
  • One user noted that after going through a long session for training purposes and completing 200 messages, they didn’t hire him, and he stopped getting any new messages and responses from the employer. He even asked for payment for the work done by him but was left disappointed.

Is Texting Factory legit? 


As per the experience that we have had with this site, the site functions well, the website looks professional, and there is definitely a quick response available from the employee who walks you through the training program. 

However, one thing that made us skeptical is the negative reviews that it has on many sites and public opinion forums about the after-procedure of training sessions where they stop responding to the users’ queries. Users are advised to think twice before joining, and if they feel it is not worth it, not to proceed.


To conclude, this is a legit platform that calls for a lot of time from its users in order to pay them. We hope our review on whether Texting Factory legit or not is helpful to you. Please write to us in the comment section below, and do not remember to rate u

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