Is Onemain Financial legit? Mixed Feedbacks, but happy!


Investing in Ignorance? Read our reviews first. As an investor, one must doubt whether it is financially legit. This article will help the readers decide that. is the superior that allows the commoner to obtain credit. They attempt to become a partner the customers would choose and accredit them for a better financial future.


This article will contain all the information about Onemain Financial, the specifications of its website, and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing it as one’s financial partner.

About Onemain Financial

Onemain Financial assists consumers in determining their monthly budget. They help consumers choose the best borrowing options for their specific situation. This financial leader tries all possible ways to help the customers and thus even reports to the best and most significant credit bureaus available in the market to help customers build the credit they need and desire.


The specialists help the customers satisfy all their expenses. They not only serve the purchasers with their needs but also protect the rights of their clients. This financial assistance ensures that the average American with subprime credit can obtain secure financial loans and services without being trapped in a debt cycle. Is Onemain Financial legit? This article will help you get the answer.

Types of services


Customers have various reasons to turn to Onemain, including the opportunity to boost their financial capacity, establish or improve their credit, and obtain power to cover unforeseen and urgent events. They provide services concerning acquiring any personal loan or access to credit cards.  


  • Purpose: To provide customers with financial aid like personal loans and credit cards.
  • Contact Number:  The website provides information concerning many service inquiries, like inquiries about existing loans, loan applications, Brightway cards, loan insurance, etc. One can contact them for web and mobile app help at 800-325-2146.  
  • Email ID: The email ID for customer support is They have a separate mail for investors and media.
  • Address: OneMain Holdings, Inc. 601 N.WN.W. Second Street Evansville, in 47708-1013.
  • Social Media: Customers update themselves with recent information by staying in touch with them via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linked In. 
  • Website origin date: 01-10-2010
  • The expiration date of the website- is 01-10-2024
  • Last updated on: 02-08-2023


  • OneMain Financial gives customers a loan they can afford to repay every month, which will fit their household budget and situation. 
  • The customers have the option to purchase products that will become an aid for helping them go through an unexpected situation—for example, insurance. 
  • They are helpful with their services and help the customers understand every aspect of their loan before they sign any agreement. 
  • They allow an unsatisfied customer to cancel the loan and return the money if they still have the funds.


  • The website charges customers with an origination fee. 
  • If a customer takes a considerable loan, they must submit a lien on an automobile. 
  • This financial lender provides loans at higher rates than other personal loan lenders. 

What are the reviews on OneMain Financial?

Positive reviews

  • The website’s customers are happy with the customer service as it is quick and easy.
  • A customer commented that Onemain Financial is “exceptional, very friendly and knowledgeable.”
  • Happy with the site’s services, a customer commented, “The process was quick, and I got the loan amount in my bank account within an hour after final approval and signature. The customer surely wants to partner with Onemain Financial.
  • The loan seeker was happy to find the best financial and personal loan per his needs.
  • A comment that has been common among all the reviews is that the customer service is good.

Negative reviews 

  • Customers faced difficulty getting loans as the financial aid did not inform customers of the loan requirements.
  • A customer wrote that the company was the worst as they ran his credit and all his odds of getting the loan as their credit dropped, and Onemain Financial could not help.

Is Onemain Financial legit?

The website scored four stars out of five. The customer provided all the information necessary to contact the website’s support staff. Phone numbers, email addresses, and social media usernames are all included on the page. The website has received mixed reviews, but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. As a result, the answer to “Is Onemain Financial legit?” is yes.



The post started with a question: Is Onemain Financial legit? After reviewing the website, we discovered that the company offers several advantages, such as a suitable personal loan, credit card services, and a diverse range of products.

There are conflicting views, but the positives surpass the negatives. Furthermore, the ranking suggests that is trustworthy.

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