Things To Keep in Mind Before Paying Online Bills


Due to an extremely hectic schedule, people now prefer paying off their bills online. Online bill payment is a process where you have the liberty to manage and pay off your bills electronically. Even being a convenient option, the risks are there forever. Due to increasing cyberattacks and fraud incidents, the majority of people avoid online payments.

They prefer physical visitation to pay off their bills. But this isn’t a solution. So, here are a few things to keep in mind before paying online bills. This includes payment management of utility bills, insurance payments, car installment payouts, your Spectrum bill pay or credit card outflows.

#1. Type the URL


It’s one of the most common practices for online payment users. They search for the website through which online billing is possible. The majority of the time their go-to solution is a quick hunt on the search engine. But experts recommend it differently from this practice.

They prefer typing the URL in the address bar instead. Professionals commend to type the URL instead of searching for the URL and then clicking on it. This little effort can save you from visiting malicious websites that can prevent your credit or debit card details from falling into the wrong hands. Make sure to use the HTTPS website which is secure instead of HTTP ones. Also, before starting to pay off your online bills, ensure there is a padlock symbol in your address bar.

#2. Use Temporary Credit Cards

You can find many banking institutes that offer temporary credit cards to their customers. They issue an impermanent credit card with a lower limit. Do you know what makes these cards more reliable? The chance of availing the benefit of one-time purchases only.


This means, as soon as you complete your online bill payment, the credit card wouldn’t be of any use. Even if your credentials get leaked, you will remain insecure bracket. With such benefits, the only drawback is that you cannot use these cards for regular payment. Every month, you need to reissue a new credit card for online bill management.

#3. Use a Dedicated Email Address

Another important thing to keep in mind is the usage of your mailing ID. It’s a common practice that people use their common email address for online bill payments. Either it’s online transactions or electronic purchases, the email address remains the same. But experts recommend against it.

Specialists recommend creating a different email address to pay the bills online. This act can reduce the risk of opening any suspicious or spam message. Sometimes cyber frauds disguise themselves in different emails. They send you skeptical emails that can harm your system. It can also create a bug in your system leading to compromised safety.

#4. Say No to Public Wi-Fi


Never pay your bills online using free internet connectivity. The free Wi-Fi available for the public is dangerous. Hackers intrude into public internet connections and Wi-Fi systems. This way, they conveniently steal your credentials. It’s always better to pay your online bills while being at home.

However, if you have to pay bills while being outside, think of an alternative. Like using your mobile phone network. Never use shared phone networks as well. Sometimes people prefer using a shared mobile phone network of a colleague or friend. This can also end in a bad way.

#5. Avoid Third-Party Applications

Sometimes you will find different applications that offer lucrative offers. Promises such as a discount to your overall bill if you use it to pay off your debts. These promises are usually real but the algorithm behind them can be fatal!


Criminal-minded people are usually behind these applications. They track every moment of yours and steal your credentials when you attempt to pay the bill. Even when the offer is rewarding, experts recommend not to fall for it. Therefore, always keep this point in your mind when paying the bills online.


Paying bills online is easy, simple, and highly relaxing. It saves you from the hassle of physical visitation. Waiting in the lines and bear scorching heat all day long. But the risks associated with it are real and terrifying. A simple mistake can cost you a fortune!

The aforementioned tips should always be in your mind. Never forget these when paying the bills online. These tricks can save you from potential fraud or losing all your money. Either it’s a credit card or a debit card, follow these tactics to save yourself from any loss.

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