ikea kitchen cabinets reviews


Are you looking for genuine ikea kitchen cabinets reviews? Nowadays, we are always up to give a nice look to our kitchen. We are looking for such ideas to renovate our kitchen in a new way. We want to keep our kitchen a bit more organized healthily, reflecting a classy look. Recently, many companies are launching their cabinet range. Ikea is one the most renowned companies of recent time.

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This company is based in the United States. The hype for their kitchen cabinet goes high recently for their great collection and attractive looks. We try to cover all essential points to present an excellent review which can clear all your doubts. We will be revealing their new updates, pros, cons, trust score, legitimacy check to know this product correctly.

What are ikea kitchen cabinets?

Ikea is one of the most top brands to renovate, create and install cabinets for your kitchen. They can provide other kitchen equipment as well to decorate and organize your kitchen.


They have three key factors in choosing them in other brands, which are mentioned below:

  1. Design.
  2. Flexibility.
  3.  Price.

We are mainly focused on ikea kitchen cabinets reviews to know each fact more clearly.


  • Category: Kitchen cabinets.
  • Price: The price range starts from $75.
  • Material: Medium-density fibreboard.
  • Structure: Off the shelf.


  • Affordable and cost-effective price rates are heart stealers.
  • Excellent build quality made this product more worthy of buying.
  • Decent design choices are shooting for each decor of the house.
  • Incredible flexibility with design is another significant factor.
  • Built-in design software is available on this set-up.
  • Relatively simple installation.
  • This product can be as straightforward or as custom as you would like.
  • Organizational solutions built for the IKEA kitchen.


  • The design software can be a giant headache at times.
  • Ordering can take a good chunk of time.
  • IKEA staff. Unfortunately, not every member of the kitchen department is as knowledgeable as the next. If you feel your questions are not being answered, do not hesitate to ask politely for some more help from another staff member.
  • IKEA’sIKEA’s under cabinet lighting. If you want under cabinet lighting in your design, do yourself a favor and source it elsewhere. 
  • Lack of a proper microwave cabinet. There are workarounds to this problem, but the IKEA kitchen system lacks an appropriate cabinet of microwaves. They are only present in their total cabinet units.

An overview of ikea kitchen cabinets?

  • They are made of MDF, which means medium-density fiberboard cabinets.
  • The next step up from this is cabinet-grade plywood (sometimes with a natural wood veneer), but there is a significant debate over whether this is superior or not. 
  • You could go all the way to custom-made, solid wood cabinet boxes and doors. However, for most people (including us), this just wasn’t a feasible option. You can even save some money on custom cabinets by using local builders or smaller companies, but it is still far more expensive than IKEA kitchen cabinets. 
  • You have to pay the heavy price of over $15,000, and that didn’t include installation.

Are ikea kitchen cabinets trustworthy?

According to our research, these kitchen appliances are trustworthy and the best in quality. There are many plus points about their products. There are various kinds of machines, and other equipment is available.

  • A solid and flexible base and structure are two significant factors to buy this product.
  • They have been selling their products for a pretty long period. They build an extensive loyal customer base.
  • Many customers give positive ikea kitchen cabinets reviews which made the trust score a bit higher than others.
  • We mark it as an authentic brand with an 87% trust score.

According to us, you can search for a suitable type of cabinets and other equipment for clean and flexible decor. 

Customer reaction about ikea kitchen cabinets reviews?

As we mentioned earlier, millions of positive responses are available on the Internet about these cabinets.


Mona said,

 “They have a lot of variation in the kitchen cabinets section, which is also pocket friendly for us and helps us to save a little more.”

John said,

 “I am really satisfied with their selves which help in managing everything in an organized manner.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score87%
SSL certificate                        Yes 
Social media presence                        Yes 
Customer review                        Yes 

According to our research, this service is legit and trustworthy. You can try this service to maintain a classy look in your kitchen.

You can share your queries and thoughts on ikea kitchen cabinets reviews in the comments section below. Stay connected for more exciting articles.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can anyone return items?

You’reYou’re always free to change your mind with IKEA. It’sIt’s essential to us that you’re happy with your IKEA purchase. If you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 60 days.

Q2. How do I make changes to my IKEA Family card details or cancel my account?


You can update your name, address, contact details, marketing preferences, and home interests online via your IKEA Family account. Alternatively, you can contact them.

Q3. Do they deliver the product?

If you shop at the IKEA stores, we can arrange delivery within the city. Speak to a co-worker at the Home Delivery desk. Products that you buy online on this website will be delivered. 

Q4. Do you provide extra or replacement fittings?

Please get in touch with them at 1800 419 4532.

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