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Read the Allurium hair growth serum reviews collected from users. We have found mixed reactions and feedback from users. Do read the full details below.

As gorgeous and exceptional as its name, this serum has acquired a gigantic fan following because of its uniqueness and mind-blowing results. Imagine your head liberated from uncovered patches, low-volume braids, and static hair development. It seems like a fantasy, right? However, that is what Allurium extra strength hair growth serum offers you! So, let’s know more about this hair elixir.

What is Allurium beauty hair growth serum?

Like women from numerous other backgrounds, African-American people consider their hair the most significant achievement and emphasize having thick, long locks. 

Therefore, an ideal thickening serum is needed for women battling with diminishing hairline and consistent hair fall. Allurium hair growth serum reviews revealed that this is one such serum that has helped ladies with different hair issues.


We found that it is 2 – 3 times as strong as our standard serums. After considering several different hair treatments, the users are delighted to see their hair re-bloom, thanks to Allurium serum. 

Furthermore, most of the users in their reviews have even claimed that they look 10-15 years younger than their current age post utilizing this serum. Nearly everybody utilizing this serum has given it a 5-star rating. 

Allurium hair growth serum ingredients

With Allurium hair growth serum, people notice outcomes as early as 14 days! This specially developed serum has a special combination of traditional herbal components from Africa along with vitamins. These components boost balanced hair development from troublesome regions. It also activates your hair cells. 


Bhringraj, Alma, Almond, Basil, Carrot, Chili, Coconut, Aloe vera, Garlic, Ginger Root, Hemp, Mustard, Onion, Olive, Castor, Peppermint, Sesame, Stinging Nettle, and Tea Tree oil. In addition, the serum is loaded with Tulsi, Alma, Aritha, Biotin, Calendula, Chamomile, Rosemary, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Ginkgo Biloba, Sage, Ginseng, Horsetail, Neem, Pygeum, Black Tea, Tyme, etc.


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Where to buy Allurium hair growth serum from?


You can get this product online by visiting Allurium Beauty’s official website. This company is well-known for doing all in its power to guarantee client satisfaction. Because of this, they also have a policy that allows you to return the product and get a full refund. You just have to place a return request within 3 months.

The brand additionally provides Coupon code-Allurium hair development serums where you can avail of amazing deals/discounts. You can go to their site for coupon codes for August. You can get 15% off your purchase, assuming you have their membership. The best part is you need not pay the delivery charges for the domestic orders.

Nonetheless, the delivery time might fluctuate from 4 to 7 days for homegrown orders and more than that for worldwide orders. Moreover, you can conveniently track your order with the assistance of a number given at the hour of order placing. 

You can track down this hair serum on Amazon and other E-commerce sites. Additionally, Allurium hair growth serum amazon reviews are pretty impressive and satisfactory.

How to use Allurium Hair Growth Serum?


Since you have a general idea of Allurium hair growth serum reviews, we should discuss how you can apply it for the best outcomes. You can utilize this serum after washing your hair. Applying some other items until 15-20 minutes is not advisable.

  • Start by taking a small amount of Allurium hair serum.
  • Activate the serum’s components by rubbing it between your palms for 5-7 seconds. It will warm the serum.
  • Now, start applying it to your hair.
  • First, apply on the ends and then go towards the center of your head.
  • Try spreading the liquid thoroughly.
  • Your massage should last about 2-3 minutes.

What are Allurium hair growth serum reviews?

We should be extremely careful before using any new hair/beauty product as our skin and hair are very sensitive. This is why many women take a step back upon seeing a new product in the market. We understand it must be the same for Allurium serum, which is why we researched and analyzed several reviews and websites. However, the good news is that we didn’t find a single negative feedback/comment regarding this serum. 

It can be said that all of the customers applying this serum are more than happy with the results. It’s rated 4-star and above by every user. It has helped women with alopecia, balding, split ends, thin edges, and whatnot! Almost 42,000 women have bought this product and are delighted with the results. 

Women have also stated that it has been a rock for them during post-partum hair loss. Moreover, women have commented that they could see the result within 15 days. However, some have written that it takes some time to notice the results. A majority of black women consider this product a miracle. A maximum of reviews were about how they felt younger, confident, and hopeful after using this serum.



Women boast that the confidence they developed within them after applying this serum outweighs the result of the serum altogether. Moreover, the amount of love that the serum is receiving is overwhelming. It is not only 100% organic, but it is 100% legit also. We hope you found the article- Allurium hair growth serum reviews useful.


1. Does hair growth serum work?

Even if it no secret elements that can double your hair growth immediately, certain substances make your hair look thicker. In addition, some serums may reduce split ends alongside bald patches. Nevertheless, patience is the key, ladies!

2. Which serum is best for fast hair growth?

Numerous hair serums have shown excellent outcomes. In any case, Allurium hair growth serum reviews uncover that it is without a doubt truly outstanding and extraordinary hair serum for people of color, with a rating of 5-star from each client.

3. What is Allurium used for?

Allurium Beauty is a beauty brand owned by black women. It offers great hair products for black women. Everything you find at Allurium Beauty is 100% organic and shows fast results, as stated by several women.

4. What are the ingredients in the Allurium hair growth serum?

The serum has organic and traditional ingredients. It includes Bhringraj, Alma, Almond, Basil, Carrot, Chili, Coconut, Ginger Root, Hemp seed, Olive, Castor, Peppermint, Pygeum, Sesame, Stinging Nettle, Chebe, and Tea Tree oil. In addition, it is loaded with Tulsi, Alma, Aritha, Biotin, Calendula, Chamomile, Chebe, Rosemary, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Ginkgo Biloba, Sage, Ginseng, Horsetail, Neem, Pygeum, Black Tea, and Tyme.

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