Lexington Law Reviews by 50+ Customers 2022


As per the Lexington Law Reviews, it’s a legitimate platform with a C rating by BBB. But what are its pros and cons, you must read in this detailed article. 

Credit repair is resolving or eliminating unfavorable matters that can be incorrectly displayed on your records to raise a low credit score. Lexington Law is ranked amongst the top credit repair professionals. To learn more about this company, continue reading.

What is Lexington Law?


Before exploring various Lexington Law Reviews, you must know about the company first. Lexington Law is a credit fix firm. John C. Heath established it in 2004. This firm is well known for serving people lacking the expertise/time to restore their credit. Additionally, this firm is renowned for its advocacy of every customer’s access to a credit file that is truthful and supported.

Furthermore, it leverages a lot of promotion through its social media presence. Lexington law professes to have taken out 56 million+ blunders from their client’s credit record. Besides repairing credits, this company offers related facilities, including identity protection and personal finance tools.

The Lawsuit against Lexington Law

Since the article focuses on Lexington Law Reviews, we must give you an idea of the lawsuit charged against this firm. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau charged Lexington in the year 2019.


According to the lawsuit, the corporation deliberately engaged in aggressive and fraudulent acts against its clients. In short, they scrutinized the organizations’ ethical conduct in the marketplace. The accusations in this lawsuit are severe, yet the matter has not yet been adjudicated.


  • Official page: https://www.lexingtonlaw.com/
  • Director: John C. Heath
  • Address: 2875 South Decker Lake Drive, Suite 200, West Valley City, Utah
  • Number: 1-833-335-6239/ 02 8824 5100
  • Email Id: info@lexingtonlaw.com.au
  • Type of company: Legal
  • Monthly charges: $89.95 (minimum)
  • Online consultation charges: 0
  • Upfront charges: 0


  • Free online consultation for new clients
  • No upfront fees
  • The flexibility to select a package as per your convenience and budget
  • Credit monitoring is free of cost


  • High monthly charges ($89.95 minimum)
  • Lots of negative feedback
  • Charged for accepting illicit money and employing unethical sales techniques
  • No refund policy
  • Poor BBB rating (C)

Is Lexington Law legit?

Before going through Lexington Law Reviews, let’s know if the firm is legit. Indeed, it is a genuine organization. Also, the firm has a remarkable history of progress. Lexington has been serving its client for about twenty years.

Additionally, its lawyers have the expertise necessary to assist you in navigating a complex credit problem. Despite the lawsuit and gripes enlisted, we can’t overlook that it is a legit company. Moreover, Lexington law has a well-built website wherein all data is accessible.


Furthermore, it is also available on several social media platforms. However, make sure to compare the number of complaints received by the firm to the proportion of its entire clientele. And you should do some prior thorough research to check if the monthly charges are within your budget or if the costs are fair concerning the services offered.

Lexington Law Reviews

Testimonials help with branding as well as the marketing of a company. They also help build commitment and trust by highlighting the unique qualities of the concerned company.

We identified hundreds of reviews about Lexington Law from various trustworthy sites during our research. We found mixed reviews where people rated the firm 4 to 4.5 stars. On the one hand and the other hand, many clients gave it 1-star ratings.


Trustpilot has given it 3.8 stars. Likewise, Investopedia rated it 4.5 stars, and Consumer Affairs rated it 4.3 stars. Many clients have given positive feedback about their successful credit repair experience. Additionally, the people are happy with their sincere assistance and are grateful for the same. Yet, unexpectedly, the company is neither certified by BBB nor has a good rating. It has a C rating from the BBB.

Numerous clients have stated that they are highly disappointed with their charges and services. Some even declared the firm a scam and called it a complete waste of money and time. But being one of the biggest firms in the credit repair industry, Lexington Law is known to invest heavily in cutting-edge technological solutions that outperform its rivals. However, people hesitate to recommend it due to the firm’s inflated costs and ongoing legal issues.


Even though Lexington law’s ratings are decent, we cannot ignore many complaints and the legal charges against the firm. However, if you still want to sign up with them, you must thoroughly review their policy and make a wise decision. That brings us to the end of our article- Lexington Law Reviews. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative.

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