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Benefits ml com merrill lynch? After retirement, it becomes difficult to take hold of your finances. Not anymore because you can get your employer benefits and other plans managed in one place.

Under the name of Merril is a bank service of the United States. In this article, we will discuss its benefits and guide to use it. Read further for more information.

What is Benefits ml com merrill lynch?


It is marketing itself by the name Bank of America. The Merill company gives retirement and Benefit Services to other brands and its employers. They take care of and help manage employees’ funds through the mobile app.

Some products like websites, phone apps, and articles on the brochure get made according to the brand requirements.

  • Its app got released in 2020. But the company started in 2020 after Merrill became an asset to the BofA.
  • You get brokerage services, advice to invest money, and other services to guide you about your fund. You can read it in the Client Relationship summary.
  • All these services get provided by an Affiliate partner of Merril.
  • The BofA is responsible for all products and members like FDIC.
  • MLPFS provides mutual fund tools and services. All the investments got held in an omnibus account as BANA.
  • This is done to benefit HAS affiliates.
  • It is mentioned in the disclaimer that investment in their policies and security is risky and, you can lose your money.

Benefits Online App?

  • You can use it on any device and track the activities on your account.
  • Check account history, holdings information, and balance.
  • You can choose how to manage your funds and update the contribution rate.
  • Exciting graphics keep your brain intact while viewing the summary.
  • You can apply for loans, rollover, and withdrawals at any time in the United States.
  • Monitor the United States & global market data.
  • Put the searched securities on a watchlist.
  • Fet regular notification on to-do list and messages.
  • Your bank of America account, Merrill account, and benefits plan get displayed.
  • Use a biometric lock to keep your device secure.

How to open a Merill account?

Are you looking for a guide to open a new account in this bank? Follow these instructions:

  • You can use any device to follow these steps but, make sure it gets connected to an active internet connection.
  • Go to the browser and search Benefits ml com merrill lynch in the designated box.
  • Open the link and then load it completely.
  • Go through the whole page and read the disclaimer before starting.
  • You will see a login option on the top.
  • Under it, you will find the link to create your user ID.
  • 5 step verification method gets followed.
  • Enter all the information correctly.
  • Fill in the application form. Your account will get activated.

Is Merrill an authentic company?


The company has faced some serious collateral damage during the recession period in the early 2000s. Merill was under billions of debts and losses. Several lawsuits were filed against them for fraud and violation of multiple entities. They became bankrupt and after a few years, BofA purchased the company at a low price. Now they are BBB accredited.

Benefits ml com Merrill lynch and is now owned by Bank of America, a global financial giant. Most of their financial services get linked to BofA. So, investors must be vigilant while affiliating with them. Read all the terms and policies. There is no 100% guarantee in the financial sector and, people take calculated risks every day.

Reviews by Customers?


Merill has received 3.9/5 stars on open platforms, which suggests that most consumers are satisfied with the services. There is a large number of advisory people who help in managing and investing money.

They give comprehensive features and services. The app is easy to use and got 3.9/5 stars on google play with more than 100k downloads.

There are some drawbacks too. It has no specific fee for the services and, you will not get any bottom-line review on any services. The app has some technical issues that disgruntle users.


But apart from a few negative comments, we found all positive feedbacks which depicted satisfactory customer service in the United States and reliable tools.


Benefits ml com Merrill lynch? It is a well-known financial services company owned by Bank of America.  Its investment products are not FDIC insured and, its value may decrease. So go through all the important facts before investing your money in them.

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