Advertisements complaints Complaints List [January 2023]

We brought some of the complaints to light to clear the reviews. Well, to develop an in-depth understanding of anything in this world, it is essential to look at the positive as well as negative aspects of it. 


Golo is quite popular and almost all, especially those conscious about their health and wellness, know what it offers, and its positive impacts on the body. But to help our readers choose whether it is the perfect plan for a healthy life for them, we have collected all the relevant information.



As mentioned above, golo is a site solely dedicated to providing people struggling with obesity with a place to find all the answers to their queries. It shows them a path toward a healthier tomorrow and helps them achieve the goals they once thought was unachievable. It is mainly acclaimed for its product release, which serves various purposes.

For example, Release helps maintain the level of insulin throughout the body. As said earlier, the site is inclined towards providing a solution for insulin resistance and thus has created a product that caters to it. The Release is made using only natural and organic supplements to reverse the effect of fluctuations in insulin levels and even help one get rid of excess fats in the process, despite what many complaints might suggest.


  • Patented product: Release Dietary Supplements
  • Purpose: Health and lifestyle
  • Customer base: More than two million customers
  • Free shipping can be availed
  • Ineffectiveness of products gets money back in 60 days.
  • Auto-ship or auto-bill is not required.
  • Origin Country: United States of America
  • Cost of bottles: 1- $59.95, 2- $99.90 & 2- $119.85
  • Mode of Payment: All credit and debit cards are accepted
  • Contact: 1-888-530-(4656)
  • Customer care availability: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Email ID: support
  • Social media: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • Promo codes available: Selected times


  • It helps check a man’s or woman’s metabolism rate and facilitates easy loss of excessive fats.
  • Its patented product release is created from all-natural supplements, making it eco-friendly.
  • This product and the site have been huge advocates against insulin resistance in the body.
  • It also acts magically in bringing one’s appetite under control and helps one get rid of unnecessary hungry tantrums.
  • The product and the site also play a significant role in building up the immunities that help keep harmful diseases at bay.
  • They not only focus on one aspect but take it as their responsibility to cleanse the body inside out of all the impurities that can cause obesity.
  • It can also be taken without proper consultation with a physician and purchased without showing a prescription.
  • Once a person’s metabolism improves, they can quickly eliminate the medications, as it is not a permanent solution.
  • Various studies have already established that its products are safe and have no ill effects on the body, contrary to what complaints suggest. 


  • The dosage instructions can be too confusing for those who have just started. 
  • Some people might fear the medications can cause low sugar levels, weakening the body. In the complaints received also had one such concern.
  • People also fear that the constant use of such medication can make their bodies habituated to it, and they might end up craving it. They also fear that the body will start up and get fat faster if they give up the medicine, as it controls all processes, such as immunity, hormone, glucose, and fats.

What are the complaints and reviews by the users?

A detailed analysis of the website brought into view how popular the source is, not only common people looking for ways to lead a healthy life but also among professionals such as doctors who have shown their support for the site and its product, Release. However, there have been some negative comments that are being floated around.


Most of the comments it has received on its official website are favorable. However, a few negative feedbacks on the social media pages are open to all. One user commented that the process suggested by the site and its products do not affect the body. 

There have also been some users on their social media platforms who have shown a keen interest in the health and wellness website but have restricted themselves, fearing that it might be fake. For example, on its Instagram page, one user commented that he hoped that golo was not a scam, to which golo replied by saying that they are a hundred percent legitimate source. 


On the other hand, One doctor Jeffrey Kotzwn, MD, even mentioned that there is science behind the creation of golo and its products, and they must be noticed. Another doctor, Dr.Ina de Beer, suggested that golo has been able to do something that still needs to be done. It managed to eliminate the hunger one feels right between meals. As a result, they end up eating a lot of junk, adversely affecting their health. Therefore, the positive response outweighed the negative remarks. 


Is worthy and safe?

After conducting a thorough research and survey of the numerous customers who have associated themselves with golo, we conclude that the website is entirely authentic. It has served over two million customers, and countless testimonials that testify to its positive impact on providing a better life to these users can be found on the official website. Its product, Release, has been a massive hit among users. It includes customer care phone details, email addresses, and locations. 


The best thing about this website, contrary to the complaints, is that it is open to all on social media platforms. Users can visit the handle and drop their comments on their page to which they respond without taking much time. 

Conclusion is a source that encourages weight reduction in easy and simple ways. It aims to offer overall care that maintains weight and insulin levels, primarily responsible for weight gain in both men and women. For this sale, it has also developed a product based on green plants, referred to as Release. It also follows the same guidelines or principles the site has stuck to.


We hope this complaints and review gave you a clearer understanding of what the source is all about. Drop your comments in the comments section below if you liked what you read here. 

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