Is Legit? User Reviews, Real or Scam (Dec’ 22)

Looking to know whether is legit? This question comes first in mind when encountering new online websites like this one. This site asked you to take a survey by adding your details and offering a reward of $ 500. This website belongs to the promotional industry.


Based in the United States, this website runs surveys to get users’ details in exchange for a promotional amount. The website has only survey-related information. Today’s article is about this website, whether it scams the people or, in reality, they are giving away the amount after claiming.


What is conducts online email surveys to collect data from its use for its use. The site kept a lucrative amount as prize money which they would transfer soon after users completed their survey. SFK offered to sponsor this website, and they claimed to give away a reward amount of $ 300000. 

This website has no features without the claim button. After clicking that button, you will redirect to another link to fill in the details. Specifications are not available on this website. Company details like address, contact numbers, email address, etc., are not included, so we can not reach out to them with any issues. 

How to claim?

  • You have to click on the claim button to get the reward amount of $ 500.
  • Soon you will be redirected to the survey page.
  • After opening the page, you have to answer the questions asked.
  • Then you have to add your details and can access the reward amount.

It is hard to believe their validation as you can only see the instructions on the home page. So now we will explore a few more points to see whether the answer can give the question, “Is legit?”



  • No Relevant information was given.


  • You can get a lump sum amount as a reward.


There are plenty of disadvantages to using a website whose presence is questionable.

  • No element to prove its credibility and presence
  • No contact details or support are available.
  • Online theft can happen to you.
  • It can wrongly access your private information and put you in great trouble.
  • You can lose your hard-earned money by using this site.

An analysis of user reviews

To answer the question, “Is legit?” We looked into users’ comments about this website. Their experiences and perspective helped us give our true opinion on this site. In our article, we added all the important elements to expose the high risk of using the site and the consequences you can face due to the scam.


A few customers said they received the reward and added no other further discussions to understand how they received and claimed it. Many users say it is a fake website to record all your information to use or sell and make money. The rating is also low on this site. The back end is really poor. 


Many useful features need to be added to the site, so users cannot keep their trust in this website. Many lost their money due to the scam. To get the reward, many faced the issue with malware in their system as this site is not safe to use.


Is legit?

This website is not legit at all. It is misleading its users to collect information. This site is detected with high-risk activities like phishing and scamming. 

Many fraud prevention companies are pretty sure about this website’s threat factors. We need more information to be available that can validate this site to understand its worth.


After going through all the answers to the question, “Is legit?” We found it was a fraudulent website. Their motive is to collect vast information about the users who are taking the survey. This site is using information for its profit by causing harassment to its users for its benefit. Please read our article and don’t fall for their scam. Stay away from the website and stay safe.


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