Is Limited Run Games Legit Or Not ? Check Out [Dec 2022]

Does the question “Is Limited Run Games legit” bother you? We have all the answers you have been looking for to validate your feelings. We have given you all the information in this article to help you explore yourself.


To begin with, learning a little about it and what it has to offer is essential. Limited Run Games is a video game distributor platform that releases video games on its website. It is for all who are tired of downloading games and prefer physical forms. 


Know more about Limited Run Games

The platform is specifically for physical forms of digital games. It has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands and companies to bring players the best games in the world. They have even won awards for the kind of collection they offer their users. 

Their motto is to change the gaming world, take gamers a little farther from downloads, and give them the satisfaction of buying a CD or console. They have even teamed up with some greats to provide it, such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, retro consoles, and many others. However, “Is Limited Run Games legit” remains a mystery.


  • FOUNDERS: Douglas Bogart, Josh Fairhurst and Alena Alambeigi.
  • Address: Limited Run Games, Inc.3402 Apex Peakway, Apex, North Carolina 27502
  • Purpose: Selling physical forms of digital games
  • Contact: Users can drop queries on the “contact support” section of the website
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Users can order games from the website
  • Email:
  • Motto: Forever Physical
  • Buying Guide is available on the website for players.
  • Shipping details are not available on the website. 


  • It can be considered a haven for those who are tired of downloading games.
  • It keeps away the risk of getting a virus that comes with downloaded games.
  • It offers a vast collection of games, soundtracks, and other accessories, such as merchandise.
  • It Has collaborated with some of the most well-reputed brands, such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, retro consoles, and many others.
  • Users can place an order from the website.
  • Currently, users can now pre-order before the 25th of December.
  • Issues newsletter for regular users.
  • It is available on multiple social media platforms.
  • It also offers a buying guide to help users choose the best game. 


  • People may not prefer going for discs or consoles in this technologically advanced age where they can get any game with just a few clicks. 
  • Some games are too expensive, which users can get free from various platforms.
  • Customer reviews are not available on the website itself.

What are the customers saying?

To find the answer to the question, “Is Limited Run Games legit” we need to look into the customer reviews. For example, per the reviews posted on, a user has commented that the service provided by this company needs to be better, and he had to wait for seventeen months to get his order delivered.


Another user commented that their experience with the website has been the worst and that they had to wait almost six months for their order and got to know that the company had stopped delivering altogether. They have shown their discontent with the way the company worked and treated its users. 

Some have even shown discontent with the pre-order option currently available on the website. Per the company’s terms, one user remarked that the pre-order takes nine months to be delivered. However, the product he had placed an order for had not been shipped for ten months. One user has even referred to the company as a scam.


However, some users have spoken highly about the company and said that even though the company takes time, they deliver the best products and have never been so pleased with a product of this sort. Another user remarked that the company is open and transparent and responded to their queries immediately. 


Is Limited Run Games legit?

Looking at the website’s features and considering the reviews available on various websites, it is a legitimate website. Even though it falls behind in some aspects, such as delivering products on time, it has tried to make up for it in other aspects, such as the quality of the products.


Users can connect to the website through various social media platforms where it is active and subscribe to their newsletter. It has even received five stars from users across the globe, which speaks about its authenticity. It is okay to go for the website if you have a little patience regarding the delays on shipping.


Limited Run Games is a famous video game distributor platform that offers the best of games in their physical forms and other products such as soundtracks, merchandise, and other accessories. Users can place an order to get the products. Those who wish to buy their favorite games can visit the website and get their hands on them. 


We hope we can answer your question, “Is Limited Run Games legit?” Drop your comments in the comments section below. 

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