Is Kobedsa Shop Legit

Is Kobedsa Shop Legit, Check Out Customers Reviews [Dec 2022]

We know the same question afflicts you: ” Is Kobedsa shop legit?” This article has endeavoured to provide all the necessary details to decide whether it is a website worth opting for.


The Kobedsa shop is primarily a shop where you can find all sorts of kids’ and household items. It has even received a trust score of 96 out of 100, which has lured many customers to this platform.


About Kobedsa shop

We need to explore more about the shop to answer the question, “Is Kobedsa shop legit?”. As mentioned above, it is a shop that sells items for kids and everyday household items. It also deals with outdoor cooking and eating products. It has even garnered quite a customer base because of the nature of the shop. This website was first established or registered on the 20th of June, 2022. It has a wide collection of products mentioned above, making it a haven for homemakers and kids, specifically for new mothers.

Being a relatively new company, even though it has earned some customers, its authenticity is still being questioned. Despite having a trust score of 96, it has yet to earn the trust of many customers. However, to reach any final verdict, readers must look at it themselves. Please continue reading and read full information to decide whether is kobedsa shop legit or not.

Other Details

  • An option for order tracking is available on the website.
  • Offers discounts of up to 70%
  • Currently, the black Friday sale, which offers discounts of up to 70%, is going on the website wide on all products.
  • It also offers cashback of 5%.
  • Operating Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. US Eastern Time
  • Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
  • It offers a newsletter to subscribers of the website.


  • Email:
  • Contact address: 42445 450th Street, Saint Peter, MN,56082, United States
  • Contact number: +1 (507) 340-9712
  • Products: Kids & home products
  • Name of Products: OUTDOOR COOKING & EATING products
  • Options for payment: All sort of payment is accepted here
  • Return Policy: Customers can return their products within thirty days of delivery. After thirty days, they shall not be able to return it.
  • Refund: Customers can request a refund by contacting the custody service through the email address given.
  • Shipping: Delays might be possible, and charges shall be applicable depending on the customers’ location. In return, customers have to ship the products themselves.
  • Processing time for products: 3-5 business days, and shipping time: 7-15 business days


Before getting into the findings of whether is kobedsa shop legit or not lets check out some pros and cons:

  • It is a certified website which ensures the authenticity of the products.
  • It Offers everyday household items that are essential to maintain a home.
  • It offers items necessary for babies and helpful for new mothers.
  • Homemakers can find new and advanced cooking devices on this website.
  • It accepts all modes of payment.
  • Has provided returns and refunds in case customers end up with a damaged product.


  • It might take more time than mentioned for products to be delivered.
  • Refunds might take quite some time and patience as they shall be processed after it gets approved by the website.
  • If the users receive damaged products, they must ship them themselves.
  • They take no responsibility for undelivered packages.
  • They can only care for the missing items if enough proof is shown.
  • Social media handles need to be fixed.

What do the customers have to say?

The authentic reviews for customers who have had experience with the website are unavailable. The social media handles do not work, further adding to the scarcity. But data collected from trusted sources can help readers know whether the platform is appropriate and help them find the answers to the question, 


According to the data and ratings collected from a reliable source, Kobedsa scored 28.96/100 after considering various factors, which, according to their parameters, testify to the authenticity of Kobedsa. We have also discovered that this website has a low Alexa ranking. It means that the owner of this page or shop is trying to conceal his identity.


From our own experience of the website, we found that the Kobedsa page does not contain any customer reviews and has social media icons on its page. Still, they do not work and have copied its About section from other web sources. Thus, a detailed analysis of the reviews can make one question the authenticity of this platform.


Is kobedsa shop legit?

Even though the website offers authentic contact details and email addresses, the website still cannot be considered legit. For beginners, the full description available in the shipping section of the website clearly states that the website shall not be responsible for misplaced items and might even delay the deliveries.

Apart from that, a close look into the reviews offered by other websites indicates that this might be a trap for users, which might put their privacy at risk. It has also yet to provide any customer reviews on the website, and the social media handles do not work. Therefore, we suggest you avoid a website whose authenticity cannot be trusted.



Kobedsa shop is a one-of-a-kind shop that sells a wide range of products, from baby care to home care. It would have been a great website for users, but given how it operates, it has created a lot of suspicion regarding its legitimacy. We hope our detailed review of the website has answered your questions, “Is Kobedsa shop legit?” If so, drop your comments in the comments section. 

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